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Not Yet Having A Personal Website ?

A great personal website is the best tool you’ll need if you would like to promote yourself or your business.

Personal website functions as a business card, contact purpose, and illustration of what you represent. 

This website builder will help you to build your personal website in a simple and instant manner.

Send or share the URL of your professional website you had built via message or in social media.

The opportunity is limitless. Imagine if you can consistently guarantee to create a professional and memorable first impression every time you meet someone new – not with a handshake, not with your card, but your own personal website.

Picture having a professional website set up by you so quickly and easily, creating instant credibility and legitimacy, enabling potential customers from all around the world to read about you online. The opportunity is limitless. If you don’t own a website you are already behind.

You might think you don’t own a business, you’re just an employee so you won’t need a website. What if one day, because you have a personal website set up, a higher tier employer came across your website one day and decided to reach out? That’s another opportunity that could double your pay, steer your career into something you are actually passionate about, or change your life.

If you don’t have a website, that will never happen, right?

Our Features

Instant Automated Website

Your website would be ready for your editing straight after the payment confirmation. Automated fast building without depening others for help

Subdomain Name of Your Choice

You can register your website url with the subdomain name of your choice, Example:

Preloaded Beautiful Template

In order to save time and make website design as easy as possible, your website is preloaded with beautiful demo template for your further editing into the design of your choice

No Experience Required

Easy texts and images editing or replacing on the demo tempate by using drag and drop web page builder. You do not require to have any knowledge on website building or coding to build your website

Cheap Price at $5/year

In order to enable everyone to afford to have a website, each subdomain website will only cost you $5 per year. No other hidden charge

Why Us?

Cheap and Instant

We offer this website building platform at a very cheap rate of $5/year. You do not need to depend on others to create your website as we had made it instant and really simple for you to work on it. 

Meaningful Website URL

We offer website URL ends with Use your name as the subdomain name (in URL) of your website. Example

Simple and Powerful Builder/Template

Featuring Elementor (Modified Free version) Page Builder, website design and editing can be as easy as replacing texts and images on our preloaded demo template or as comprehensive depending on your creativity 

The best thing is it all just costs… less than a cup of coffee! That’s right.

 Just $5

Take almost no risk by trying your first website on our platform today. With no more than $5, you can have instant access to a fully automated website, with your subdomain name, easy to use interface, and have it running for an entire year with no hidden charges.


Your website would be preloaded with the following demo template for your further editing

Register and Get Your Website Created by Yourself Instantly!

  • One (1) subdomain website
  • Secure https
  • Valid for one (1) Year, Renewable
  • Subdomain name of your choice
  • Preloaded with demo one-page website
  • Elementor (modified free version) visual drag and drop website editor
  • Instant and automatic website creation
  • 150MB storage and maximum upload of 500KB/file  
  • Meta Title and Meta Description Setting
  • Fast Google indexing (within 48 hours)
  • Cancel renewal anytime
  • Not for online merchant or e-commerce purposes 

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